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Dr. Chahira Issolah, Minnesota

Dr Chahira Issolah FMD, CN

Dr. Chahira Issolah, born and raised in Algiers, Algeria, has over thirty years of experience in hair restoration surgery, advanced vein therapy, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic body sculpting and clinical nutrition practices. After getting her MD degree from Algeria, she began working in Scottsdale , AZ alongside pioneers in Hair Restoration and medical industries. Under the guidance of Dr. Shelly Friedman and the late Dr. Manuel Jaffe, she began paving her way into what would become a longstanding, successful career in a variety of specializations. She has extensive experience alongside patients from every demographic, with excellent interpersonal and social skills that make them feel welcome and heard. Now with Nuvell Clinics MN, Dr. Issolah is focused on improving the lives of women, both inside and out. Through the latest technology and a strong passion for the empowerment of women, Dr. Issolah is determined to provide her patients with not only professional care and catered attention, but also an opportunity to become happier people overall. In her spare time, she enjoys home cooking, exercise, gardening, and spending time with her four children.

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