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  • 3 Facts About vShape Ultra in Maple Grove, MN July 15, 2019
    If you’re interested in shaping different areas of your body but are hesitant to undergo surgery, you might have heard about the vShape Ultra system. Instead of anesthesia and scalpels, it utilizes radio frequencies to generate gentle heat deep inside the skin, which can promote the growth of beneficial substances like collagen and elastin, tighten ...
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  • Does Non-Surgical Body Contouring Last in Maple Grove, MN? May 15, 2019
    Non-surgical body contouring and sculpting is a common procedure among Maple Grove residents, thanks in large part to the professional services offered by the qualified staff at Nuvell Clinics. Which Non-Surgical Body Contouring Services Does Nuvell Clinics Offer? If you’re interested in sculpting and contouring the look of your face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, or other areas, ...
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  • The Benefits of Combining Vaginal Procedures in Maple Grove, MN April 15, 2019
    At Nuvell Clinics, we’re focused on helping patients augment the pleasure they experience during intimate moments, as well as support their aesthetic goals and restore proper vaginal function. Although many of our singular treatments and procedures can help move you one step closer toward achieving these goals, Maple Grove patients who combine vaginal procedures often report ...
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  • Do You Fear Sneezing and Laughing in Maple Grove, MN? March 15, 2019
    Do you fear sneezing and laughing due to the uncontrolled urine leakage it can cause—not to mention the potential embarrassment? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, the U.S. Office on Women’s Health reports that loss of bladder control, otherwise known as urinary incontinence, affects more than 40% of women over the age of 65 to ...
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  • Suffering from Vaginal Dryness in Maple Grove, MN? March 5, 2019
    With temperatures that regularly dip below single digits during the winter, Maple Grove residents understand the importance of moisturizing their skin to prevent discomfort. But, what can you do if you’re suffering from vaginal dryness? First, you can relax, since the Nuvell Clinics team is here to help. Next, take a deep breath and let’s take ...
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  • Are You Considering the O-Shot® in Maple Grove, MN? February 15, 2019
    Often referred to as the orgasm shot, the O-Shot® could be ideal for women suffering from conditions such as decreased sex drive and ability to orgasm, vaginal dryness caused by menopause or breast cancer treatments, and chronic pain caused by trauma during childbirth, mesh, and interstitial cystitis. Whether you live in Maple Grove or a surrounding ...
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  • How Long Does vShape Ultra Last in Minnesota? January 15, 2019
    These days, patients come to us not just wanting a simple and straightforward fix to their aesthetic concerns, but seeking a long-lasting solution that will be worth the investment. This is especially true when it comes to body contouring. After all, once you’ve worked hard to achieve your desired size, you likely want to enjoy ...
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  • Aging and Vaginal Laxity in Minnesota January 5, 2019
    For years, the topic of aging and vaginal laxity was one rarely discussed in the public sphere. However, as society becomes more transparent about the challenges associated with having children and getting older, this topic is no longer one that women should feel the need to avoid. After all, as many already know, vaginal laxity ...
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  • How Does vShape Ultra Help Me Look Younger in Minnesota? December 15, 2018
    There is no doubt about it, one of the best ways to continue to look young is to keep your body in excellent shape. While following a healthy diet and exercise routine is an important aspect of long-term youthfulness and health, there are times when diet and exercise alone are not enough. Many individuals struggle to ...
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