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Body Sculpting & Fat Removal in Minneapolis, MN

If you have a healthy diet and exercise routine, but are still struggling to reach your desired shape, body sculpting with vShape Ultra can help. We offer this radiofrequency body contouring method to patients in Minneapolis, Maple Grove, and the neighboring Minnesota communities. Learn how this technique could improve your figure and your self confidence.

What is vShape Ultra?

These days, there are countless body sculpting and fat removal methods available for individuals seeking to finally achieve the figure they have been working hard to achieve. At Nuvell Clinics, we use the vShape Ultra technique for our patients who are seeking assistance with toning and tightening the skin while eliminating unwanted fat pockets. This FDA-approved, non-invasive method uses radiofrequency energy and requires no downtime.

How Does vShape Ultra Work?

The vShape Ultra method is based upon the latest and most innovative radio frequency technology. The device sends radiofrequency energy into the treatment area, penetrating and heating the skin. The energy depth is carefully controlled, so as to target your problem areas as specifically as possible and produce the highest quality results. As the skin cells are targeted with this gentle yet powerful energy, the body is prompted to produce new collagen. In time, the production of new collagen tightens loose skin, sculpting your body and boosting your outlook.

What Are the Benefits of the vShape Ultra?

There are many benefits to using a device as advanced and effective as the vShape Ultra. A few top benefits include:

  • Precision—The device is carefully calibrated to reach multiple treatment depths, leaving untreated areas unharmed.
  • Low risk—The method is safe and effective for a wide range of skin types and locations.
  • Painless—The combination heating and cooling allows for optimal patient comfort.
  • Zero required downtime—Patients are free to return to their normal activities as soon as they leave our office.
  • Addresses multiple concerns—Tackle cellulite, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and more.

If these benefits are appealing to you and align with your body sculpting and fat removal goals, we recommend scheduling an appointment to determine your candidacy for this procedure.

How Long Will Results Last?

In general, results will vary based on the individual. However, when used for fat removal, once the fat cell is destroyed it cannot return. This means that, provided you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, your results can last a lifetime. When used for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, vShape Ultra results typically last about a year. Many of our patients will schedule maintenance procedures every 12-18 months.

If you are considering body sculpting or fat removal with vShape Ultra, we are here to help. Our office is adept at helping patients enhance the best versions of themselves, and we are ready to do the same for you. Conveniently located for residents of Minneapolis, Maple Grove, and the surrounding Minnesota communities, if you have questions and are ready for your complimentary consultation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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