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  • Aging Gracefully in Scottsdale, AZ July 5, 2019
    ‘Aging gracefully’ is a broad term that can translate to many definitions. These include someone who is embracing the aging process, and who’s accepting all of the changes that come along with it. In other words, they choose to look at the decreased health and appearance as positives, instead of negatives that result in more stress. ...
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  • Is Cellulite Hereditary in Scottsdale, AZ? June 15, 2019
    According to some statistics, as many as 93 percent of women report struggling with cellulite, which can often lead to a lumpy, dimpled, cottage cheese-like appearance. It’s also frequently compared to the surface of an orange peel. Regardless of how it’s explained, and whether you reside in Scottsdale or another part of the country, cellulite can ...
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  • Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Facelift in Scottsdale, AZ June 5, 2019
    As facial skin ages and loses important proteins like collagen and elastin, the surface (called the epidermis) thins, begins to sag, becomes increasingly fragile and loses its youthful glow. To help address many of these symptoms, facelifts are one of the top five cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. Based on your needs and those of ...
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  • 3 Myths of Botox® in Scottsdale, AZ May 5, 2019
    Botox® is a non-surgical injection treatment that can help provide a long-term reduction in the appearance of dynamic wrinkles or those that develop over the course of years from repeated movements. These include crow’s feet, areas around the forehead and smile lines. This is in contrast to static wrinkles, which are caused by exposure to UV ...
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  • Non-Invasive Labial Correction Facts in Scottsdale, AZ April 5, 2019
    Humans come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s no surprise that our genital regions do too. From a woman’s perspective, a too-large labia can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness during intimate moments, leading to a lack of comfort and confidence. Fortunately, Nuvell Clinics can help address this issue, safely and comfortably, without going under the knife, ...
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  • How Does FemiLift Work in Scottsdale, AZ? February 5, 2019
    If you live in Scottsdale and suffer from symptoms related to conditions like stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity or dryness, or frequent infection, FemiLift is a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure that could help you find relief. In fact, the process is so simple, straightforward, and pain-free that more than 100,000 women have chosen to undergo the ...
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  • Injectables Before the Big Holiday Bash in Scottsdale? Yes or No? December 5, 2018
    The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, with countless gatherings and social events. From office parties to family get-togethers, you will likely interact with many more of your colleagues, friends and family members than you would during other times of the year. If you have a big party on the ...
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  • Do Women Age Faster than Men in Scottsdale? November 15, 2018
    Whether we like it or not, we all age. Fortunately, there are many anti-aging procedures available to help soften the blow of time. Historically, many of these procedures have specifically targeted a female market. This led many to wonder; do women show their age more dramatically than men? The short answer is no: the rate ...
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  • Does Non-Surgical Body Contouring Work in Scottsdale? November 5, 2018
    Body contouring is a concept that may sound like something out of the movies or a sci-fi novel. However, it’s actually a very real, highly successful method for achieving a toned and fit figure. Typically beneficial for individuals who have a healthy diet and exercise routine but who are struggling to lose that last little ...
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  • 3 FemiLift™ Facts for Scottsdale Residents       October 15, 2018
    Over time, many women begin to notice changes in their vagina. Especially after a natural childbirth or as a result of menopause, the vaginal canal may look or feel different than you remember. Fortunately, FemiLift™ can help restore your most intimate area to the youthful, more comfortable state you remember. Curious about what FemiLift™ can ...
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