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How Does FemiLift Work in Scottsdale, AZ?

If you live in Scottsdale and suffer from symptoms related to conditions like stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity or dryness, or frequent infection, FemiLift is a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure that could help you find relief. In fact, the process is so simple, straightforward, and pain-free that more than 100,000 women have chosen to undergo the procedure since its release, with a 95% success rate reported.

What’s Involved With the FemiLift Treatment?

FDA-approved FemiLift works using a Pixel CO2 laser that heats vaginal tissue and causes the underlying collagen fibers to contract, while also promoting the formation of new collagen and boosting tissue elasticity.

Alma Lasers, the company behind the FemiLift procedure, advertises this can also help optimize blood flow to the region, boost lubrication, increase immune function, and meaningfully impact strength.

Together, women like you could experience improved sexual satisfaction, strengthened pelvic support structure, a reduction in itching and burning related to menopause, and naturally maintained PH levels.

What Happens During the FemiLift Process?

After the applicator is inserted into the vaginal canal, it turns in all directions while applying the laser to the surrounding tissue. This heats the tissue, so patients typically report a mild warming sensation, with little-to-no discomfort. In fact, most indicate they’re able to relax much more than during a traditional pelvic exam.

What Can You Expect Following Your FemiLift Procedure?

Based on how FemiLift works, as well as the fact that medical professionals have used it for years, it’s considered very safe. This means that other than avoiding sex for about 48 hours afterward, you can resume your normal daily life immediately thereafter, with very little to no side effects, and no bleeding or pain.

While patients might experience immediate improvements after FemiLift, maximum results tend to appear after several weeks once the underlying tissue has sufficient time to improve.

Looking to Learn More About How FemiLift Works?

Whether you call Scottsdale home or one of the many surrounding communities, the friendly staff at Nuvell Clinics can help you learn more about how FemiLift works, as well as whether or not the procedure will be effective for your condition.

From there, we can outline how many procedures you might need in order to achieve the desired results, as well as what you might experience afterward. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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