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Are you looking to tone and strengthen your muscles without the hassle of hard work? Cooltone can provide you with all of the help that you could ever need. Aside from its counterpart, Coolsculpting, this product works to dig deep into your muscles using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, providing your body with muscle tone, strength, and definition. Recently FDA cleared, Cooltone is quick, easy, and perfect for anyone that’s been looking for a technique that really works. Who knew that toning and strengthening muscle mass could be as easy as 1, 2, 3!


What is Cooltone?

If you’ve had curiosities about building your body tone, Cooltone might just provide you with all of the answers that you’ve been looking for. This procedure is efficient, non-invasive, and it works perfectly for those that are ready to boost their confidence and their physical strength. Rather than freezing, Cooltone uses efficient Magnetic Muscle Stimulation technology to dig deep through the skin layer and fat layer to reach the muscle that sits underneath. Cooltone also uses a 1.8 Tesla magnet, which is 50% stronger in intensity than the leading competitor and it remains completely harmless. This innovative procedure generates involuntary muscle contractions within the body, and muscle fiber begins to naturally strengthen and produce at a quicker rate. After Cooltone treatments are finished, patients tend to notice that their buttocks, core abdomen muscles, as well as their thighs, feel and look stronger, toned, and conditioned. People have even begun to report that in as little as one treatment, they are feeling and seeing their desired results with ease.


Who is the right candidate for this treatment?

Cooltoning is a great option for both men and women that just can’t strengthen and tone those stubborn spots that get in the way. Regardless of how often someone hits the gym or the juice shop down the road, a little extra assistance can go a long way. The perfect candidate for this product is looking to tone and enhance their core abdomen muscles, buttocks, and/or thighs. Cooltone is great for those noticeable areas that are small to medium in size, and it is perfect for patients that are looking to strengthen their actual body mass. Quick and easy, this product acts as a general aid for body strengthening and toning rather than ridding excess areas that may be undesired like Coolsculpting is known to do. The results of this procedure can take as little as one to two treatments or they can vary at a higher rate, depending on the specific needs of the patient and what they might be looking for. If you have a few areas on your body that you’re wanting to work on and Cooltone is calling your name, reach out to us to set up an appointment. Together, we can see if Cooltone is the right fit for you.


Learning about the Details of Cooltoning

This innovative technique works in a precise way, bypassing the skin and fat layers within the body. The muscle layer is the main focus and target for this procedure, which is why this product is perfect for all types of individuals. Most patients return to their day-to-day activities right after their treatment is complete because Cooltone is non-surgical and harmless. During the procedure, people may feel a warm sensation throughout their body and they may, additionally, feel as if their body is generating muscle fiber because that’s what’s actually happening. In other words, your body might feel like you’re working out when you’re actually just lying in a chair! The great thing about Cooltone is that this treatment isn’t painful and it is now FDA approved for body-contouring. It’s common for people to do four treatments within two weeks, and to evaluate their results as they go. However, the amount of treatments that individuals commit to depends on the results that are desired, and it also relies on the health of each specific individual. More-so, timing and treatment intensity will depend on the patient because their body is unique, sensitive, and special to their own wellbeing. It is normal and expected for people to commit to at least three treatments and, possibly, continuing treatments for up to a couple of months.


What are the Benefits of Cooltone?

We all want to find happiness and fulfillment, especially with our bodies. Luckily, Cooltone can help you get there in a flash. Results from this procedure continue to provide patients with body strength, confidence, and ease. If a patient’s lifestyle begins to change or if a patient chooses to discontinue their treatments and begins to put on weight, there may be a decrease in the muscle mass that they have gained. The good thing is that this treatment encourages and motivates people to lead a happy and healthy life, continuing to maintain their wellbeing after they begin to experience the results of Cooltone. Results are most noticeable after three-weeks, and have the largest effect if treatment is completed over a three-month period. Cooltone also uses an electromagnetic muscle stimulation, which means that contact with sensory nerves is minimal. In other words, Cooltone is not only effective but it also works to help clients tolerate the high intensity contractions with comfort and stability unlike its competitor. Treatments only last about one-hour long, and minimal side-effects are known to occur. If you’re curious, a few side-effects to expect are redness on the skin, mild cramping, and a bit of tingling. This procedure focuses specifically on those spots that we all tend to focus on: the core abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Other areas of the body are not FDA approved for this product, especially around the heart and the head. This is mainly due to implants and technologies that might be in the body, such as pacemakers. Yet, regardless of how you want to tone your body, this product can be an excellent choice that makes your life a whole lot easier.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

After 4 initial treatments of Cooltone,  You may see results by 3-4 weeks after the first treatment. Then maintenance will be quarterly, or as often as you’d like.  Maintenance memberships will be available.

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